Revelations Wellness Center and Academy

Welcome to Revelations yoga. Thanks for stopping by. If you would like Yoga instruction in authentic way see you in Studio. In the meantime check out Kelsey’s yoga slides and Bun’s demonstration of Tai Chi (Taiji)below. Tai Chi is taught by Bunhong in such a way that it is useful to protect yourself if need be. This a caring team of teachers Kelsey, Bunhong, and Leo Miramontes. 
Dear Revelations Yoga Students:

1. We are sorry that Kelsey has to leave us currently because of her duty calls in Medical field. But we are happy to inform you that we were able to find a good Yoga instructor for Saturday mornings, starting 2nd may; her classes will be:

10.30 AM to 11.30 AM

12 Noon to 1 PM

2. We are sorry that Bun has to leave us because of his interest to pursue higher studies. We are putting in every effort to find a replacement for Bun.

3. We are putting in every effort to find more Yoga instructors, Substitute Yoga Instructors, and Tai Chi instructor; if you know someone interested, please let us know and we can meet them and if mutually desirable, we will be happy to use their services

Advantages of 1 year signups for unlimited Yoga:

1. Even if you attend 1 class per week, which is 4 classes a month: it is $40.00 per month and $480.00 per year. You are still coming ahead paying only $399.00

2. If you renew yearly subscription, you will get 10% discount of the yearly fee. 3. If one student brings 10 students to sign up for yearly membership, then that student gets yearly membership free of cost.

4. Pranayama (Breathing practices) and Tai-Chi; In fact we were offering these services only as special in the beginning, but we continued to include them.

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