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Introduce ancient Science of self healing, and inner peace. Enhance the quality of life & achieve tranquility, and well being. Our aim is to help our community learn and practice these methods to become a conflict and crime free society.



 Offer Yoga and Meditation As Part of Complimentary, Integrative & Holistic Medicine.



Immediate benefit is stress reduction. It gives deep rest to the body and mind. This helps with better sleep, increased concentration, better breathing, flexibility & strength, improved circulation, stability and balance, increased confidence, focus on the present, and inner peace.



Yoga in conjunction with medical care can assist with back pain, asthma; hypertension, arthritis, diabetes, digestive disorders, insomnia, anxiety and depression, and obesity just to name a few.



Every person who has stress in their life need to practice a few minutes a day: high demand professions such as Politicians, Lawyers, Business people, Computer Professionals, Doctors, Nurses, Fire fighters, Police, and physically demanding jobs like construction workers and more.

Yoga can be used for improving memory and confidence through meditation. A recent article in Time magazine states that half an hour of meditation helped kids improve their grades.

Recent research from Harvard (Psychiatry Research & Neuroimaging, 30thJan, 2011) has shown that meditation increases regional brain gray matter density.

Yoga can help with Obesity by using the body in a smart way. It helps raise metabolism in a relaxed way. Yoga helps you to become more charismatic and powerful person in every part of your life.

All Parts of yoga help you have better relationships, become the best at your talents, improve sports performance, work more efficiently, and become action centered person.





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