“Sthira-sukham asanam” – Posture is that which is firm and comfortable. When in posture there should not be any sensation of pain or discomfort. Patanjali says, when the posture is firm the mind stays free from disturbance. The mind can easily get disturbed with the asana being firm. There should not be any shaking of the body. If there is shaking it is necessary to adjust the posture a little to remain still and enjoy being in that posture. When the stillness is firm then meditation is possible and body consciousness is not present.

The Asanas have been practiced for ages to help make body firm and healthy so that meditation is possible. These postures are designed to help body attain comfort in various positions. There are standing, sitting, prone and supine and incline as well like head stance and shoulder stance. It is said that Lord Shiva has give 84 thousand asana description in Shiva Sutras. Out of which 84 were useable and from that 34 found to be most effective or beneficial for human beings. In order to attain spiritual bliss then it is necessary to properly tune your body into optimal health by performing the yogic rituals.

The necessity of tending to the body is essential to get proper mind cultivation for further growth. The purification can begin with six practices (shatkarmas). Neti,Basti, Dhauti, Nauli, Trataka, and Kapalabhati. Then Asana practice incorporating the whole body routine and combine Pranayama for best advantage. Asanas also help the body from ‘burnout’. Through asana practice you can help regulate the body secretions, hormones, breath, brain waves and prana; then the mind automatically becomes harmonious.  Begin a practice that is well thought out with positive intension and awareness. A few postures mastered yeilds a healthy body, mind, emotions and spirit. A perfect practice makes perfect. When those are mastered fully to proper final position with full flexibility, strength and endurace you can go into adding more.

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