Can you tap into the voice of your inner doctor?

Suffering from mental/emotional/physical pain, is a shaft that we create, and is a   conflict between our identities. The shaft is a result of clutching to the memories. Our   nature is to be not clutched. Then why do we clutch? Why do we create connections?   Today's subject is not to clutch: The science of inner bliss.   We have two identities: One which we show to the outer world and the other one which   we believe what we are in our inner world. The identity which we project to the outer   world, how we want society to recognize and respect us, is called ahamkar, in Sanskrit.   Usually it will always be a little more than what we are. What we believe we are, in the   inner world, is called mamakar in Sanskrit. This will always be less than what we are.   Our life is the fight between these two worlds, these two identities.   If you are spending your whole energy expanding ahamkar, the identity which you   project to the outer world, your life becomes materialistic.    If you are spending your whole life chiseling, scoring, molding, and carving the   mamakar, identity which you think is you, your whole life becomes moralistic and   suppressing.  

Working in the outer world with ahamkar, and working with the inner world with   mamakar, both lead to only more and more suffering and depression. The basic truth is   that you are much more than these two identities. You are beyond these two identities.   When you do not clutch to these two identities, suddenly you realize these two can   never bind you.   Constantly you are connecting all your thoughts and creating shafts in your mind.   For example, the headache or pain in any part of the body, which happened 9 years   ago, the pain which happened 7 years ago, the pain which happened 5 years ago,   the pain which happened 1 year ago, the pain which happened yesterday; they are all   independent experiences which happened in your life.   You put all these pain experiences in your mind; you store all these memories in one   area in your mind. In the initial level you archive them for easy reference sake, just like   how you file the things in your life in the external world.

Same way you archive them,   you put them in one file and you store. After Sometime you start believing that all those   experiences are all connected. The suffering which happened 9 years ago happened for   a different reason, a different purpose, a different place, a totally different experience.   The suffering which happened 7 years ago, totally different reason, different experience,   different reason; the suffering which happened 7 years ago is a different reason,   different purpose, different place. When you start believing they are connected you   create a shaft. If you connect all the painful memories, you create a pain shaft, and   come to the conclusion “my life is suffering, my life is pain”. You start believing your   whole life is a chain of suffering, a long chain of suffering. When you start believing your   whole life is suffering and you have created a pain shaft, you are waiting in your life only   for painful incidents.    If you believe something, you will again and again see that in your life. That is why   again and again Vedic Rishis say, you create what you want, and you do not see what is.  

Whatever you believe you will create it, you will expand it.   It is like when we start driving a particular kind of car, suddenly we start seeing many of   the same kind of cars on the road.   If you believe your life is nothing but pain, you do two things; unconsciously gathering   more and more incidents and strengthening your faith, and consciously trying to break   it, fighting to stop.    If you believe your whole life is the joyful experiences, usually we don't, it is very rare,   you believe your life is a shaft of joyful experiences, but constantly you are in fear, will it   continue? You think, will it continue in the same way? Unconsciously you will be in fear   that it will end, and consciously trying to prolong it.   These two big dramas we are constantly playing with ourselves.   But the big difficulty, the important thing that we forget is that we can neither break the   shaft nor elongate it, because the shaft itself does not exist. The shaft does not exist.  

It's only your belief, when you start believing shaft exists you try to elongate or you try   to break.   So many thoughts are flowing in your mind constantly. Actually if you sit for 10 minutes   without editing, without judging, and write down all your thoughts, and read what you   have written, you will understand all your thoughts, whatever is happening in you is   illogical, independent, completely unconnected and unrelated. If you start judging your   mind, you will interrupt the natural flow.  

By your very nature, you are not clutched. There is a gap between one thought and   another thought, just like the water bubbles in the fish tank; there is a gap between   every bubble. But the gap is too small and you are not able to see the gaps with the   naked eye, so it looks like a continuous stream.    If you look a little deeply you will realize your thoughts, by their very nature are   independent. For example if you see a dog in the street, suddenly you remember your   pet you used to play with as a child. Then you will remember your teacher you studied   with as a child, then, where your teacher used to stay. If you look at it logically, you will   see logically that the dog in street and the teacher are not connected. There is no logical   connection, but simply your mind flows, it is simply flowing. If you see as it is what is   going on, it will be an illogical mixture of pain, joy and everything, many emotions.   You can't live with this natural flow, you need a clear cut idea; you need a clear cut idea   about everything.

So you pick up your thoughts and you connect them, the way in   which you want. If you believe life is a joy you pick up all the joyful thoughts and you   connect them. If you believe that your life is a pain, you pick up all the painful thoughts   and you connect them and create a shaft.   Don't renounce what you have; just renounce what you don't have, that's enough. You   have so many things that you don't have actually, so many of your fantasies, so many of   your fears. Fear itself is nothing but negative fantasy.   Until the earlier thought is renounced you can't have a new thought. The fact that a   new thought is happening in you proves that the other thought has been renounced.   Fortunately you can't have two thoughts at a time.    

Just like emails, we trash all our emails but the problem is we pick up our emails from   the trash. Every moment the thoughts are being renounced by you (which is our very   nature) New thought appearing means the old thought has been renounced. But even   after renouncing we try to pick up the thoughts from the bin and try to create a new   shaft.   We are carrying this baggage; I like to call it a black bag that is a block in our energy   flow, in our well-being. Let us get our heads out of this baggage.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Yoga, Meditation, Hypnosis, Acupuncture, Energy Healing,   and other Integrative/Holistic services help us look deep into the above concepts and   put us on the path of self-healing.  

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