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Tap into your Inner Doctor

How does one tap into Inner Doctor? Suffering from mental/emotional/physical pain, is a shaft that we create, and is a conflict between our identities. The shaft is a result of clutching to the memories. Our nature is to be not clutched. Then why do we clutch? Why do we create connections? Today’s subject is not […]


Vishuddhi center (Throat Center) Vishuddhi center (Throat Center) is locked by Comparison, Ego, Greed and Jealousy and is          Unlocked By Realizing Your Uniqueness Three layers of energy merge in the throat center. 1. The normal layer that we use for our day-to-day living, and we are happy with that much energy. 2. Emergency layer-Rarely, when […]

Meditation and Chakras

Meditation and Chakras      Meditation and Chakras  Meditation is both an Art and Science – it is the art and science of discovering and exploring the inner world of consciousness. Meditation is nothing short of a revolution –it is a revolution against all the ideas we have about ourselves, it is a revolution against […]

Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine   Namaste After a break, we are emailing to you the News Letter again. In this Newsletter, we are discussing the evolution of Medicine in this country, which has gone a full circle from integration of mind-body-spirit to disease focus and gradually evolving back to integration of mind-body-spirit again. Patient in the 1800s might have been known as “Mrs. Richardson, the […]

Pain Management Seminar

    Chronic pain is defined as pain that lasts at least 12 weeks or a long time after the injury has healed.   Chronic pain represents a malfunction in the brain’s pain processing systems. The pain signals take detours into areas of the brain involved with emotion, attention and perception of danger and can […]