Vishuddhi center (Throat Center)

Vishuddhi center (Throat Center) is locked by Comparison, Ego, Greed and Jealousy and is

         Unlocked By Realizing Your Uniqueness

  • Three layers of energy merge in the throat center.

  • 1. The normal layer that we use for our day-to-day living, and we are happy with that much energy.

  • 2. Emergency layer-Rarely, when we have to push ourselves, it opens up.

  • 3. The 3rd layer- highest level of energy available to us.

  • We usually use only the ordinary energy and forget that there are two more levels behind it that are available.

  • We must reclaim these, breaking the wall of  mind

  • There are no “miracles.” They are simply using the other two energy bodies”.

Comparison, jealousy, and ego lock this center.

Major areas where we compare are: Money, Wisdom, Beauty, Health and Power

In each of these areas, all of us are somewhere in between the two extremes, there are people above and people below.

Get rid of both of your egos: Active (“I’m better than others”) and Passive (“I’m worse than others”).

When you run in the rat race, the throat center closes.

How to unlock Throat Center?

When you live your life with complete fulfillment, work out your maximum potential, you will not feel the need to compare.

In meditation, the conscious analysis of desires will show you very clearly which are your own desires, and which desires you have acquired from others.

The Ajna Chakra (Brow Center)

The Ajna Chakra is known as the Chakra Raj.

The Brow Center is known as the King of Centers or The Master Energy Center.

This is such a significant center that there is no religion that has not worked on it.

When this center opens, the whole being enters into a different realm.

A whole layer of faculties opens up.

It is called the 3rd eye or the Ajna in Vedic tradition, Upper Dantian in China, Mishun by Japanese Samurai warriors,

What is seriousness?

Seriousness is nothing but paying undue importance to something at the expense of everything else.

 It stems from the inability to see that all of life is just a play / drama, created by the Divine.

Seriousness is the result of over-expectation from life.

  Serious people are always afraid to make mistakes.

  Like life, they take themselves also too seriously.

  They have too much ego to accept making a mistake.

Seriousness begets sickness, and

Sickness begets seriousness!

When you do something too seriously, when you are too concerned about the result, you are actually not allowing yourself to perform at optimum levels!

Of course, you need to make plans, you need to think ahead. But, do it with sincerity, not seriousness.

  Seriousness is not the same as sincerity.

  Sincerity is focusing on the task with enthusiasm and youthfulness.

 Sincerity is giving the task your best without worrying extensively about the result.

 How to unlock the Brow center?

 Live with simplicity, with spontaneity, and with innocence.

Have the courage to make mistakes.

 After all, what have you got to lose?

 Only your useless ego!

Sahasrara Chakra (Crown Center)

  • Sahasrara means thousand-petalled lotus. When this chakra opens, you are flooded with ecstasy, with eternal bliss (“Nithyananda”).

  • Deep discontent and negativity toward life lock this chakra.

  • Gratitude for life and all that God has given us opens this chakra, allowing it to blossom like a lotus.

  • So many blessings are showered—flooded—upon us, and we take them for granted.

  • Our very life and our body is an amazing gift from God—absolutely incredible!

  • Deep discontentment shows huge disrespect for existence and for the divine.




Dr S.Rambhatla & Niren Presenting The Heart Center Meditation Technique At L.A County Health Fair On 6th Oct, 2014 In Santa Monica Civic Auditorium

Participants Listening To the Meditation Instructions At L.A County Health Fair On 6th Oct, 2014 In Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, green letters

In Spirituality, words (Intellectual Knowledge) have only 2% importance while 98% importance lies in the experience.

Be a part of that experience.

Come and join us for Chakra Energizing Sessions:

Following are the Revelations Yoga Chakra Energizing Program guidelines:

  • Attendees for the Revelations Yoga Chakra Energizing Program should arrive at the venue promptly.  Please be punctual!  Doors close once the program begins!

  • Attendees please, register promptly at the registration desk.

  • There will be breaks during the program. In order to gain the most benefit, leave the room only during breaks. Please be silent to maintain the serenity.

  • Please refrain from use of cell phones. Revelations Yoga Chakra Energizing Program is your chance to start your spiritual journey.

  • Please put in 100% effort during all the meditations to reap maximum benefit

  • No food or drink, except water, is permitted in the Meditation Hall

  • Please bring a yoga chair or pillow for your comfort.

  • For attendees who are unable to sit on the floor, chairs are available.

  • Please wear loose fitting, light colored clothes; preferably white clothes. No shorts, no skirts.

  • Wear minimal jewelry, if any.

  • No food intake after 1 PM, water intake is fine

  • Lunch before 1 PM needs to be light; also preferably, vegetarian food both the days

Enjoy the program!




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