Hypnotic learning..


As you read this sit back and relax…because relaxation allows your body to rest then your mind becomes more alert…..and that means you can get absorbed into all that you read….when you open your mind simply with relaxation then your mind becomes like a sponge….taking in what is good for you…because you can find comfort inside your body, the mind also follows…

And then learning becomes easy….as your daydream state kicks in that zone takes you deep into focus…into the very deeper mind….that is your subconscious mind you see…that’s right all that you see goes right in….yes only the positive information that is best for you goes in and stays….because you have the power to say no to that which does not serve you in any way…..that’s your other mind the subconscious mind….sometimes also referred by some hypnotists as unconscious mind…..with your powerful mind you can comfortably learn all that you need to know in any subject.

Because you can enter into deeper and deeper relaxation you can comfortably read and your creativity kicks in to make beautiful images of what you need to learn……as you might know you can learn best using all your senses…..and as you take in a deep breath you go into the zone……that expansive state in your vision as you look at the text and in between lines all registers within your unconscious mind.

You are by all means becoming more intelligent….that’s right so much easier and so much faster than ever before…..because the mind power has awakened within you…that means you are thirsty to absorb new knowledge……in a big way…..expand your vision….take in pages of words, stories, experiences…..when you focus on comfort and relaxation it is becoming so easy to all that you want..you are growing stronger and smarter every minute of everyday…..the power of relaxation is moving you to new heights because you have the instant ability to sink into the comfort within your body and mind anywhere anytime that you need it.

When you have the need to feel the power of focus of learning and knowing you can just be….you have a natural ability to really be at ease…because you trust your unconscious mind to teach you all that you need to know…..that means learning has become not only possible but has become a reality….as you find the focus and the comfort of relaxation you can learn to unwind all the muscles in your body……because you can do this at will means you have learned how to get your nervous system to be in comfort and that means you can really control how your body and mind feels and reacts with ease and comfort…

That's right....your mind learns through sound....what you hear, get interpreted into your subconscious mind as story and you know story is about making pictures...all that is seen also gets formed into pictures.....even using feeling takes us to pictures becasue you store it as image of the experience...and with the rest of senses....your powerful mind know just where you store all that you need....you can recall with ease all that you need right at the fingertips.....

Yes that means all that you need to learn and remember you have in comfort of your body and mind cooperating

You don’t need to know how your unconscious mind made you powerful…because it is just is and all that you need to pay attention to that you are in your mastery state of self…..now relax even more….find your comfort and go deeper and deeper into yourself and be well..

Now it is time to come back out of hypnosis…did that feel like someone controlled you? That is how simple hypnosis is…..come out the dreamy state feeling good from head to toes…..count from 1 up to 5 and say wide awake or aware…..feel yourself in your chair or bed where you are and welcome back.

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