Neuro Linguistic Programming

What is NLP?

NLP is a unique model that teaches people how to learn, how to motivate themselves, and change their behavior. There are specific techniques that deliberately restructure toward positive functioning of the brain’s thinking and the body’s behaviors by aligning the conscious with the unconscious mind and the body. NLP offers the most effective way possible to produce results that let you take charge of every area of life. It enables individuals to proactively design their physical and emotional responses. Set goals and outcomes in important areas of life by effective language of the unconscious and achieve them.

We absorb information through our senses (Neurology) Visual (sight), Auditory (touch), Olfactory (smell), Gustatory (taste). Understanding how the body and mind neurology works to better direct it toward more effective thoughts and behavior. We can create new neurological pathways that break through mental conditions. Linguistics:The process by which we use is language and other non-verbal communication. We code, order, and give meaning with pictures, sounds, feelings, tastes, smells and words (Self Talk). Programming: We discover the ability to interact and communicate with our subconscious or unconscious mind to see what we have within us right now based on the input we have had from our past. And install new processes and ideas to create the change we want.

How does NLP work?

In NLP there is a belief that we create everything within us and around us by thoughts that we think, feelings that we hold, and actions that we take and reactions that we have. So based on that idea we can decide to change who we are by choice. There are people in our life that we might like to model, emulate and surpass. In order to do that, we can gather all the details about the person’s posture, thoughts, actions and behaviors then go through the exact behavior and detail in sequence they have given. There by creating or duplicating as close to or better to accomplish the change in us or individual.

How and where can you use Neuro Linguistic Programming?

Since NLP is in everything that requires communication skills  involving business to build rapport, discover how the person codes their information, and mode of communication allowing to present the knowledge or product in such a way that connects with them to learn or buy from you. In education a teacher can use all modalities so that each student can learn to best of their ability. In relationship you can speak in a language that effectively support and nurture the other person. You can use in various areas of life: career, relationships, education, counseling, parenting, nursing, public speaking, sports performance, and many other areas.

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