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Internal Environment

Hope you received and had some time to review/read our last week’s Newsletter where I shared with you some information and quotes about Environmental Health. The focus was on External Environment/External Milieu. Today I want to share with you intellectual and experiential knowledge about Internal Environment/Internal Milieu, for Health and Well-being. Everything in our universe […]

Tap into your Inner Doctor

How does one tap into Inner Doctor? Suffering from mental/emotional/physical pain, is a shaft that we create, and is a conflict between our identities. The shaft is a result of clutching to the memories. Our nature is to be not clutched. Then why do we clutch? Why do we create connections? Today’s subject is not […]

Meditation and Chakras

Meditation and Chakras      Meditation and Chakras  Meditation is both an Art and Science – it is the art and science of discovering and exploring the inner world of consciousness. Meditation is nothing short of a revolution –it is a revolution against all the ideas we have about ourselves, it is a revolution against […]


The root word Yuj means Union in Sanskrit. So Yoga is union between body and mind, body and spirit, individual soul to supreme soul, and simply put union between you and nature. Yoga is combined practices broken down as Asana (physical postures), Pranayama (breath awareness), Dhyana (meditation), and Kriya (cleansing techniques). All of these components […]